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Chris and his wife Kristen moved to Virginia and began attending Cornerstone in 2007.  They live in Chesapeake with their three kids.  Chris was born in Philadelphia, spent his early years in Ontario, Canada and returned to Pennsylvania for his high school years.  His Christian parents faithfully lived out the gospel and by the age of 6, he wanted the joy and forgiveness that came in accepting Christ as savior and Lord.  He headed to a Christian college knowing only that he wanted to pursue a life centered on Christ.  Since that time God has given Chris his wife Kristen, his three kids, a seminary experience, and his wonderful Cornerstone family.


Honeybrook, PA


B.A. from Northland International University
M.Div. from Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Musculoskeletal Senior Technician, LifeNet Health


Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Reading, Anything with family and friends.  

Favorite Meal

Penne Rustica from the kitchen of K. Lownes, fresh vegetables from my Dad’s garden, savory meats

Most Influential Book

My eyes were opened to the wonder of God through The Knowledge of the Holy in college. God is the Gospel and Desiring God have shaped my view of God and my relationship with him.

Interesting Fact

Once, I was fishing in the ocean and caught a skate - not the one that goes on the ice, but the animal that most know as a sting ray and a close relative to the thing that put to rest the famous Crocodile Hunter.  Also an interesting fact is that I’d love to be the next Crocodile Hunter.

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