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Stacy and his wife, Jamie, have been at Cornerstone since 2002. Stacy grew up in a Christian home but didn't accept Christ until his freshman year of college. He met Jamie while working at a Christian camp thereafter. The two were married in 2001, and moved to Virginia Beach shortly after. Stacy and Jamie have two children, Nathaniel and Hannah, and one dog who thinks she's one of their children, Dixie.


Stacy was born in Greenville, NC, but spent most of his life growing up in Goldsboro, NC.


B.A., Northland International University
M.Div., Virginia Beach Theological Seminary
Prior to becoming a pastor, Stacy spent five years working for London-based bank HSBC


Cheering for the Chicago Bears (mainly crying over them), gardening, listening to music, and piddling around the house.

Favorite Meal

Jamie's chicken-pot-pie . . . or her pepper steak . . . or her roast beef . . . umm . . .

Most Influential Book

The one book that God has used in my life many times since my salvation is A.W. Tozer's Pursuit of God. No other book has been such a challenge and encouragement in my life.

Interesting Fact

I accidentally sawed off a quarter inch of my left index finger on a table saw. It could have been worse . . . it could have been the whole finger.

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